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Meet The Freaks

Smoke Freaks were born when captains Brian and Ann Neale got hooked on competition BBQ at their first backyard contest in 2014.

After entering with the hastily conjured name “Smoking Freaks,” a couple of beat- up WSMs and expectations no greater than having a good time, they ended up taking 1st place in Ribs. At the awards ceremony, they were mistakenly identified as “Smoke Freaks,” and the name stuck. 

Since then, Smoke Freaks have been on a mission to spread their love of BBQ and their passion for living life to the fullest with the world.

When not cooking out of their Chicago headquarters, Smoke Freaks are busy designing Freakishly great BBQ experiences for their customers. They combine 50 years of professional business expertise with their passion for all things BBQ to offer a full range of BBQ e-commerce solutions, consulting services, classes & seminars and more.

Freak ON!

Mr. Freak and Ms. Freak of Smoke Freaks called as Grand Champions at a BBQ competition
Ann Logothetis Neale
(Ms. Freak)
Head Cook, Smoke Freaks
The Detail Freak
BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team
 Brand / Marketing / Customer Experience Pro
Social Media Strategist & Content Creator
Brian Neale
(Mr. Freak)
Pitmaster, Smoke Freaks
The Control Freak
BBQ Pro Shop Factory Team
 E-Commerce Expert
Content Strategist & Creator
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