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Kewanee or Bust

Smoke Freaks will be hitting the road soon headed to Kewanee, IL aka "The Hog Capital of the World."  

We'll be competing along with 24 other teams at the Hog Capital BBQ Challenge, our first of 10 planned competitions in 2016.    

And we can't wait to get that smoke rollin'!

After a successful double test cook last weekend, we are ready for battle.  Our war machine, The Wolf Wagon, is all spiffed up for the season, our smokers are running great and the team is ready to let our Smoke Freaks flag fly high in Kewanee.

We can't wait to see our fellow competitors and friends, some who we haven't seen since last fall.  Sure, we're all competing with each other, but that doesn't mean a thing to the camaraderie and friendships we've made on the circuit.  Awards may come and go, but our BBQ family remains.  

If all goes well, we'll be presenting our best BBQ ever to the judges and maybe if we're lucky, we'll get a comment card like this one...

Get ready Kewanee.  ​The Freaks are headed your way and it's almost time to Taste The Freakage!

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