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T-Minus 72: Double Test Cook

Man, it's a lot of work.  

Our first competition of the year is next weekend, so we've been busy getting ready.  

  • Inventory everything (we sure do have a lot of stuff) 

  • Source supplies (oh the joys of Chicago traffic) 

  • Organize & restock (totes are your best friend)

  • Cleaning (that Wolf Wagon will sparkle)

  • Test cook (practice, practice, practice)

While we think we have a pretty good plan in place, we won't really know how everything works until we do a test cook. We do this to simulate a real competition environment and to work out the kinks and fine tune the Smoke Freaks operation.  

​The test cook:  setting up our cook site as we would at a competition, managing our timing to hit all 4 turn-in times and presenting our best pieces to eager judges.  

Even though the test cook will take place in the driveway, we won't be ducking in the house if it rains or using the dishwasher or enjoying any of those other "luxuries."  

We always learn a ton from our test cooks so this weekend we're going to do a double.  That's 2 full days of cooking with 2 days of turn-in to judges. Our first double-header competition EVER is in just 4 weeks at Lambeau Field so we really, really need this test cook.  

Smoke Freaks will be rolling smoke soon!  

Some describe professional BBQ competitions as "camping with a purpose."  We agree, except the food is better.  

Taste the Freakage!

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Ms. Freak
Ms. Freak
03 de ago. de 2020

Hi! This post was initially published on 6/9/16 on our original blog platform and has since been moved here. Thanks for reading and Freak ON!

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