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All You Need is Love

Prk love.

And oh how I love prk. If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ve seen me yammer on about all those moments of doubt and disappointment, anger and frustration, confusion and concern. But you see, those moments actually helped us sharpen our prk game and finally… to break out of our 15-competition prk slump!​​

That’s right, we got a 6th place prk call at Day 1 of Death’s Door BBQ!! Out of 40!

It was incredible.

And I’d love to tell you how it happened.

Step 1: Diagnose the Problem A friend, who is also an experienced Certified BBQ Judge, was in touch to make sure we understood how big of a prk problem we really had. It was hard to hear, but that reinforcement helped put even more fire in our belly.

Step 2: Narrow in on Solutions There are lots of levers to pull, so it helps to have some discipline on what to focus on. One day we were talking shop with some fellow cooks and we took away some new ideas. Namely, to go back to basics and look for ways to simplify things.

Step 3: Perfect the Technique With a clear solution in mind, it was time to improve some techniques. Again, we did more research and found some new inspiration for our cooking and boxing. More practice, practice, practice.

Step 4: No More Head Games This one’s great. It was at the welcome reception for the Death’s Door BBQ when my all time BBQ hero told me flat out, “You know what your problem with prk is? It’s all up here,” as he tapped the side of my head. (And it was true. Before we even got to Washington Island, I knew we were getting a prk call. I absolutely believed we would get the job done.)

Step 5: Freak ON! So on competition day, it was as simple as putting it all together and cooking some prk. 

And we did!

We had to do some serious pitmaster gymnastics to adjust to a cook that was somehow running an hour behind schedule and craaahing into our Chicken cook. As our friends from Second Hand Smoke SLV pointed out, it was a 30-40 degree temperature drop from our last several outings, so that probably affected things.

But we figured it out, because we were cooking with love.

When we sliced those money muscles, we knew. I was literally beaming with pride and love for prk when I turned in that box. It seemed criminal to set it on the turn-in table and just walk away.  

At that point it was out of our hands. And with some time to kill before awards, we returned to beautiful Schoolhouse Beach to soak up some Island time. There’s good energy there.

That's where I found that beautiful heart shaped rock, my prk rock.

At awards they called Smoke Freaks for 6th place and we lost our minds. The best part was sharing that moment with our BBQ family. These guys knew of our struggles, they felt our pain and they celebrated our success. But more than anything, it was a community celebration of the joy we all feel when one of us finally turns some BBQ corner.

(And then there was the time we all motorboated our prk for good luck, but that’s a story for another time…)

Freak ON!

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