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Gettin' It Done in Green Bay

​We cooked our first double-header at the Gold Ribbin' BBQ Fest at Lambeau Field this past weekend.  Not only did we survive, but we kept the Smoke Freak streak alive! ​​

It was a fierce field of competitors with teams from 14 different states.  We faced 65 other teams on Day 1 and 55 on Day 2, including 4 of the top 5 teams in the nation.  

Truth be told, I was a little concerned at the start of Day 1.  ​The team was working well together, but my head wasn't in the right place.  I was making stupid mistakes left and right.  Fortunately, the 9:22 shot calmed my nerves.

From that moment on it was a constant blur of activity.  A blend of focus and fun.  Smoke Freaks are totally serious about serving a great product to the judges, but we're Freaks, so we like to have a good time.  Take for example, our team rally cry:  "Smoke Freaks.  Arrrrrrrgh.  Hooooooowl.  SMOKE FREAKS!"  (That's because we're part pirate, part wolf and 100% freak.)

​So how did we do? We wrapped up Day 1 with 10th in Chicken, 14th in Ribs and 17th overall out of 66 teams.  We were thrilled.​ But no time to celebrate as we had to turn around and do it all over day on Day 2.  Except this time we were down a Freak.  Our Chicken Specialist couldn't join us so not only we were down to two Freaks, but I had to do the chicken cook on my own.  No small task... just my first KCBS competition cook EVER.

Things got pretty hairy on Day 2 with that chicken cook.  But we ended up with a 9th place call in Chicken, 12th in Pork and 23rd overall out of 55 teams.  Yep, I got a chicken call!  I couldn't believe it when they called for Smoke Freaks to come on up and get an award.  I froze on stage and then was prompted to say or do something... so apparently I let out a very enthusiastic howl!!  

We're off to New Palestine, IN this coming weekend for another double-header.  You know what that means?  It's time for New Palestine to get Freaky! So if you're in New Palestine this weekend, stop by to Taste the Freakage!

​Here a few Freaky moments in Green Bay...

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Ms. Freak
Ms. Freak
03 août 2020

Hi! This post was initially published on 7/12/16 on our original blog platform and has since been moved here. Thanks for reading and Freak ON!

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