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We're Smoking with Wood

Smoke Freaks are giving our first States-side BBQ seminar on Monday, 6/27.

The "Smoking with Wood" event is produced by the Illinois BBQ Alliance, a fantastic group of BBQ enthusiasts dedicated to their mission of "Do Good, Have Fun, Eat BBQ."  "Smoking with Wood" has been carefully designed as a 101-level seminar teaching the finer points of starting and maintaining the perfect fire for smoking low and slow or hot and fast. And we'll be sharing tips about the types of smoking woods and how to use them to impart flavor and enhance anything you cook.

We think it's the perfect introduction to the Smoky Arts and Sciences and can't wait to share our experiences with you.  We'll be cooking on "Fang" and "Ugly Betty," our trusty Pit Barrel Cookers.  We LOVE this style of Ugly Drum Smokers:  reliable, affordable and easy to transport anywhere you go!  (They easily fit in the backseat of our Subaru Outback, just be sure to buckle them in first with the safety belt;)

Smoke Freaks are part of a lineup of BBQ experts including Weber Grills, The Backyard BBQ Store, Smokin' Deal BBQ and Duces Wild BBQ.  And you don't want to miss Meathead from signing copies of his new book, Meathead:  The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling.  

Wood is at the center of the event, so we'll be smoking with wood from A1 Country Firewood in Chicago.  A1 carries endless varieties of cooking woods, fruitwoods, hardwoods and all-natural 100% wood lump charcoal for grilling and smoking.  

And A1 is the signature wood of Smoke Freaks because "it's the wood that makes it good!"

That's some serious wood, right?

Tickets include a first-class event experience from Sweet Baby Ray's Events, including a whole hog from #PorkMafia's Phil Wingo and Greg Gaardbo's "Rockin Rodizio" famous chicken.   Want to up your smokin' skills and be the star of your block? Want to Taste the Freakage?  Tickets still available at

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